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We're ready for something better at Redefining The Edge. Our sustainability movement, inspired by Mumbai's fishing community and coastal communities around the world, challenges the status quo and fights for solutions that will transform society through the integration of vulnerable communities.

We have a proposal to counteract governments' reckless construction. While we will provide any assistance that coastal communities require, we also offer and encourage locals to donate a honeycomb, which we will place in the damaged area. Doing our part to contribute to a larger change and encouraging others to do the same.

What We Do

Restore Ecology

Regenerate Economy

Empower Communities

It´s a solution open to everyone...

We have released an open-source design solution that can be tailored to the needs of the community, city, and selected site.

Traditional way with a modern twist...

We employ simple modules with a modern twist in our approach to mangroves. The concept of using mangroves stems from the numerous benefits that it provides, such as protection from waves, storm surges, tsunamis, sea level rise, and providing a healthy habitat for marine life and other animals.

Our 3 goals

The ecological restoration occurs over time as a result of the growth of mangroves, which will help improve current conditions through adaptation and mitigation.

Economic regeneration has both social and economic consequences. Coastal fishing communities rely heavily on fishing as their sole source of income; however, by implementing this project, they will be involved in the management and maintenance of the area, and may even be able to turn it into an eco-tourism destination. Through this action, the community will be empowered and able to advance their skills.

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How Does It Work?

It´s Simple...

The expanding mangroves provide a home for fish and other animals. This will help to restore the livelihoods of coastal communities while also instilling a sense of responsibility in the city's residents. We will assist local stakeholders and communities by training coastal communities, such as fishermen, to carry out effective restoration and play a key role in its maintenance, as well as initiating ecological monitoring and skill advancement programmes. We hope to form global alliances to help drive this change.